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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Safari - Goodbye Tiger

1960's wooden Tiger wall plaque, originally from a French Circus, at Fears and Kahn

We are approaching the end of The Year of the Tiger 
and I wanted to salute these majestic, wonderful creatures 
who unfortunately are constantly under threat of extinction.
Long live the Tiger!

André Hellé, Grosses bêtes and petites bêtes, 1912,
thanks to the always wonderful A Journey Round My Skull

  Sergio RuffoloTigre homemade greeting card

 Meg Hunt for the Cloudy Collection

Celestino Piatti, illustration for Der goldene Apfel: Eine Geschichte, 1970
found thanks to a lovely post about tigers on Booktryst

Cathie BleckTiger

 Ian McArthur, Tiger

Jan Młodożeniec, Tygrysek, 1961 

Sebastiano Ranchetti, Little Tiger

Dale Maxey, illustration from The Wild and woolly animal book, 1966,  
thanks to Bonito Club

 Pierre Bevès, Le tigre en bois, 1961, thanks to maptitefabrique

Antonio LigabueTigre con ragno, 1953

 Józef Wilkon, Ksiega Dzungli (the Jungle book)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Serpent Safari

naga-gogo by tarudesign

Some sinuous slithery snakes and lots of great new artists!

The First Book of Snakes cover by Paul Wenck, 

Rainbow Snake Huichol yarn painting by Justo Benitez Sanchez

Cro talo e qualo by Andrea Marescalchi

 Aguis by Jason Laferrera

 Paper Vipers of Inequity by Dan Funderburgh

Obrigado Snake by Skinny LaMinx

Serpentis by Harry Diaz

 Snake Christmas card by Sergio Ruffolo

Rainbow Snake Dreaming by Malcolm Jagamarra

spread from El Leon Kandinga by Elisa Arguilé

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday Safari - The lonely wanderer

Saverio Polloni, from the collection of Emilio Gargioni

Portraits of a vanishing warrior

Gaetano Pompa, 1974, from the collection of Emilio Gargioni

Franz BorgheseRinoceronte da sera, 1971, 
from the collection of Emilio Gargioni

Armando Villegas, 1983, from the collection of Emilio Gargioni

Jorge Zambrano, from the collection of Emilio Gargioni

Jean Lebenstein, 1971, from the collection of Emilio Gargioni

Walton FordLoss of the Lisbon Rhinoceros

Many thanks to the great rhinoceros art collector Emilio Gargioni!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Beast wishes

RAI publication cover, 1960

I was delighted to discover the official website devoted to Sergio Ruffolo (1916-1989), one of 
the semi-forgotten pioneers of Modernist Italian design. From the mid-forties to the late eighties, 
Ruffolo worked as a freelance graphic artist for many Italian corporations, political parties and 
state companies including RAI, the state–owned television channel.His assignments ranged 
from logos and advertising campaigns to annual reports, editorial design, title sequences for 
tv programs and various promotional materials. Ruffolo was the designer behind some of the major 
Italian newspaper layouts, most notably the iconic la Repubblica in 1976He also painted 
and created sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, and collectible card decks. In spite of this varied 
and prolific output, until recently there was hardly any reference to Ruffolo's work on the web. 
The website (still under construction) is well designed and already showcases a wealth of materials, 
from Murano glass chess pieces to newspaper grids and road safety campaigns. 
Animals, and owls in particular, were Ruffolo's favorite subjects in all media.

Dragonflies ceramic plate

Fantastic animal, decomposable plexiglas sculpture, 1974

Owl n.2 and Horses n.2 paintings, 1973–4

Owl and Horse iron sculptures, 1975

My favorite section on the website is a great series of greeting cards, all illustrated with lovable animals 
holding mistletoe branches. I assume that Ruffolo designed these every year to be sent to friends and clients.
All images are copyright © 2008 Famiglia Ruffolo.


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