Friday, April 2, 2010

Mad Men & Crazy Critters - 4th episode: Vacances en Suisse

Vacances de Printemps, 1945

It's been long, too long, since our last Mad Men feature. But now chocolate is the air, 
Spring's mildness is inesorably exploding, and I am in the mood for some delightful, 
pastel sugar coated candies from monsieur Donald Brun. The flavor of his bouncy, 
happy, reassuring critters strongly reminds me of my childhood in 1960-70s Italy: 
vacations on the Alps, candy sticks, stuffed toys, old fashioned pastry shops, 
children's books, my mother's food, my father's optimism, Carosello 
and large chocolate Easter surprise eggs...

Gevaert, ca.1945

Erica Pudding, 1945?

Vacances en Suisse, 1949

Regal, c.1950

Liebig, 1951

Swissair, 1951

Dalang Eierteigwaren, 1953

Swissair, 1954

Protègez-nous, 1956

Mit Wolle in den Frühling, 1957?

Davos, ca. 1970

Many thanks to the wonderful Swiss Poster Collection archives!


  1. Wonderful stuff! Happy Easter, Laura!!

  2. Love the bouncy spring lamb - Happy Easter Laura!

  3. Lovely images, Happy Easter Laura. x

  4. those are really great!
    happy easter from the alps!



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