Thursday, September 30, 2010


 Alfredo De Santis was born in 1941 in Rome, and while as an art student, fully immersed himself 
in the lively and exciting artistic and intellectual life of the city during the 1950s. 
In 1962 he moved to Milan,where learned to appreciate the graphic design works 
of GIancarlo Iliprandi, Pino Tovaglia and other exponents of that fervently modernist era.
After moving back to Rome, in 1964 he opened a graphic design studio and published a number of 
children's books with Emme Edizioni. The funny alphabetic bestiary Alfazoo came out in 1968.


  1. Love this! We're massive fans of imaginative alphabet books ... as you can probably tell by the fact that we keep publishing them! We could send you a copy of 'Alphabets are Amazing Animals' for you to look at if you'd like ... its out of print in India but luckily we still have some left in Europe!

  2. Wonderful, playful, inventivness, lovely.

  3. j'aime beaucoup ces lettres et leur personnalisation.

  4. great find! Typical stuff we like.

  5. could you provide the source please? i would like to access the whole alphabet. search came up empty

  6. for informations on the source, see this post:

  7. thank you, laura, but i gave up trying to find alfazoo on that very odd site. but, no big deal. thanks again.



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