Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hungarian Fantasy

 My little trip around the world of folk art continues with a visit to Hungary,
a country whose bold popular crafts include a stunning embroidery tradition.
The vivid colors and joyful love of nature present in these art forms find 
a wonderful individual expression in the works of Károly Reich.

Three linocuts by Károly Reich

Károly Reich (1922–1988) was an Hungarian artist best known for his children's book 
illustrations and poster designs. Born in a farming family in the lake Balaton area, 
Károly loved to draw, preferably animals. At 18 he won a scholarship and moved to Budapest, 
where he graduated at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Art.

 During his long career Reich illustrated more than 400 books, mostly for children. 
These were much loved in Hungary, but to my knowledge not many were published abroad.
The title above is one of the exceptions, and was published by Jonathan Cape in 1975.

The book's cover was posted on flickr by Moonflygirl together with this sweet illustration.
See more photos from the French edition at Ribambelles & Ribambins.  

I found these two postcards in the flickr stream of Oli Kovacs,
who posted a selection of Reich's illustrations.

This is a series of Reich's book covers found around the web. They make me really
curious to see what they hide inside, and as soon as I have some spare time
I'll embark on a hunt for some Károly Reich volumes to call my own...
and I'm not the only fan, as you can see here and here!

Update: I just discovered Deborah's post on Károly Reich's counting book 
at Kickcan & Conkers... go take a look, it's lovely!


  1. Muy bonitas todas las obras. Tienen un colorido precioso. Mis felicitaciones.Saludos. VICTORIA.

  2. These are so fresh and poetic— another great find, Laura!

  3. This is super wonderful!! Thank you!
    I say more folk art please :) Always a treasure trove this blog...
    Best wishes

  4. These are all so wonderful Laura, I love reich Karoly's illustrations too. I posted these on my blog a while ago

  5. Thanks for your comments, I am so glad you ladies love this kind of art too!
    Deborah, I had missed your post, and it didn't come up on my web searches... the book is gorgeous, and I am adding a link to it!

  6. Fate un lavoro meraviglioso sulle immagini. Qualche editore (e un'appassionata di animali) ve ne è grato.

  7. well, there is seems to be quite some fans around... happy hunt ;-)

  8. Here's another big Karoly Reich fan! I had some books with Reich illustrations when I was a child. Last year I wrote a post on my blog about him too, I also found some of his adult illustrations.

  9. O! I am so happy looking at that smiley butterfly, lovely, lovely, collection.

  10. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

    Giovanna, sono onorata del complimento, dato che apprezzo moltissimo il tuo lavoro.

  11. I just love Reich Károly's works... he was so amazing, and unmistakable... and not just his children's books' artworks.
    he really defined our aesthetics as children, which was a good thing.

  12. ha i just saw you linked to my blog in this post. i always visit yours :) best! great blog.

  13. Hello, your blog is wonderful, congratulations!
    I recommend you other Hungarian illustrator artists.

    Adam Würtz:

    and Ferenc Sajdik:

    I hope, you would like them, too ;)
    Best wishes from Eszter,



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