Friday, December 23, 2011

Circus Classics

Ant. L. de Rop, De Circus, 1890, thanks to BibliOdyssey

The circus is one of the great traditional subjects of children's literature and illustration,
 and this small gallery travels through different periods, countries and authors.
If you want to suggest any vintage titles that you know and appreciate for 
next year's edition you'll be most welcome!

 Benjamin Rabier, Het Circus Henri Bombari1912, thanks to Jan Willemsen

L.Ignatiev, Circus, 1930, thanks to Ribambelles et Ribambins and HannaRivka

Vladimir Lebedev, Circus (Dutch edition), 1931

John Dukes McKee, The Big Show, 1932, thanks to Retrofan

André Jourcin, Le Cirque Papyrus, 1947, thanks to Agence Eureka

Fini, The seven little elephants, 1947, thanks to Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

Maud and Miska Petersham, The Circus Baby, 1950

Alice and Martin Provensesn, The Golden Circus, 1950
thanks to Golden Gems

Patric Hudson, Circus Alphabet, 1954, thanks to julialbailey

Kurt Wiese, Pierre of the Big Top, 1956

Leonard Weisgard, Circus Animals, 1958

John E. Johnson, How To Scare a Lion, 1965

Hilary Knight, The Circus is coming, 1978

Bill Peet, Randy's Dandy Lions, 1979

Gianni Peg, Alex il Piccolo Fantastico Giocoliere, 1981


  1. Thank for sharing all these nice pictures!

  2. Wonderful treasury! Love the circus theme even tough it can be horrfying sometimes :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. 'versjes en prentjes, voor lieve dochtertjes en beste ventjes'... (in image 1) a little old fashion-dy patronizing, but hell, the illustrations are to die for... circusses all over the place, what a grand end to a year!

    i'm wishing you happy hol's. cheers for your early season's greetings!
    have a good start to 2012.

  4. Thanks for your comments and happy holidays

    Gulcin, I agree, I enjoy the circus in illustrations much more than the real thing!



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