Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spiral Living

Leo Lionni

Birmanian Folk Tales, E. Matveeva, M. Shevchenko, 1978, thanks to polny_shkaf

David Klein, thanks to Matt Hinrichs

Heinz Valk, illustration for children's poem book by Helvi Jurisson, thanks to 50 Watts


  1. Laura, you gotta see these, have you? :


    p.s.: i can't seem to get enough of Piatti's work... extraordinary!!!

  2. Now I want to spend a day drawing snails :D they do make great temporary pets.
    I like the Calef Brown poem where they are everywhere, it is the perfect illustration of my brother in laws first day as a sou chef.

  3. It must be snail week. Maybe it's the heat; we're all going slowwwwllllyyyy....take a peek at my post over at Children's Illustration...

    Thanks for yet another wonderful collection, Laura.

  4. It's time to snails?

  5. The book about the two snails from my childhood.

  6. So many beautiful snails. They are so cute, aren't they. I had one catch a ride on my bike and found it slithering along my carpet when I brought my bike in. I hadn't the heart to kill it so it's now in the garden outside. I love the colorful one by Twoems! Great post, Laura!

  7. Thanks for all your comments!

    Agnes and Hazel, yes, Calef Brown's creations are delightful.

    Shelley, once again we are working in mysterious unison.

    Wool-bulb thank you for the link, amazing book!

    Topipittori and Melissa, it's definitely time for snails in my garden!



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