Sunday, November 25, 2012

Like Cats & Dogs

And I could go on and on and on...

It's been a very entertaining couple of months around our home,
as Seba and I follow with endlessly fascination the fast evolving relationship
between Chapi and the new puppy. I am so happy that they like each other!

Marjorie Flack, Angus and the Cat, 1932

Kathleen Hale, 1949

 Barbara CooneyLucy and Loki1958

Leonard Weisgard, Who Ever Heard of Kangaroo Eggs, 1957, 

Robert Quackenbush, Horatio, 1868, thanks to art.crazed

Benjamin Rabier, Rabougri, 1929, thanks to Agence eureka

John Burningham, Cannonball Simp1966

Clement Hurd, The Merry Chase, 1941

Cecile Boyer, Ouf, miao, cui-cui

W.T. Cummings, Wickford of Beacon Hill, 1962, thanks to Arthur van Kruining


  1. You cat so wanted to be friends I think. Lovely!

  2. "...and they both slept happily together..." Sweet! (Lovely links, too)

  3. Wonderful photos and subject. Thanks!!

  4. Many thanks for your comments...
    and love, love, love back to you!

  5. oh what an adorable relationship they have (from Diane Jarvis-Schuller)



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