Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Safari - A literary meeting

Poster for Roubaix book fair by Beatrice Alemagna

I am so fond of Matticchio's literate octopus (or hexapus, as someone rightly noticed) 
that I've gathered a bunch of fellow readers, writers and intellectuals to keep him 
good company on this lovely Sunday afternoon:

three sweet mice by Natasha Fadeeva and Suzuki Tiaki
(thanks to Quinquabelle and Milk Tooth),

two poetic porcupines by Marc Boutavant (from his book For just one day

an artistic cat created by Ondrej Zimka in 1979

an owl with her typewriter by Raymond Savignac
(thanks to ninobooks' great Olivetti flickr collection),

a promising writer, Denis the deer, presenting his first book
(from Gwénola Carrère's ABC des petits annonces, published in Italy by Topipittori),

a bookworm bug by Edward Bawden (thanks to Paja Troops 76 on flickr),

a quiet book-loving dog by Maira Kalman,

a few sheepish readers by André François,

the fierce literary critic fox, and the twin rooster writers by Henry Galeron,

and finally, a couple more intellectual roosters by Herbert Leupin (1955)
and Finnish graphic designer Tapani Aartomaa...


  1. So much... I love the poster by Beatrice Alemagna and Im off to see what else she does, The mice by Natasha Fedeeva remind me of being young as I was always making schools for my tiny felt mice. The story of Scare face is a great title and appeals to the insect lover in me. thank you x



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