Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ladybirds Parade

Our insistent visions fly
where the human and the animal collide

Boris Bucan, The Firebird and Petruska, 1983

Gunther Kieser, Ballet Woche, 1984

Raquel Aparicio, illustration from Russian Fairy Tales

Lila de Nobili, French Vogue cover from Graphis 19, 1947
thanks to Sandiv999's fantastic vintage collection on flickr

Dorothea Tanning, costume design for Bayou, 1951

Kate Edith Gough, late 1870s photocollage

Sergei Solomko, thanks to Peacock's Garden

Emanuel Schongut, cover for Push Pin Graphic

Alberto Savinio, La fidele epouse, 1930-31
Bogdan ZwirSilence

Colette CalascioneBird Girl
Jan LenicaThe Visit movie poster, 1965



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