Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Safari - Better Homes & Gardens

Else Wenz-Viëtor, illustration from Hochzeit Im Walde, 1921, thanks to Arthur van Kruining

It's September again, a year since I posted Animalarium's first collection of animal houses,
and I am in the mood for more dream homes! I hope you are too...

Felix Lorioux, illustration from Fables De La Fontaine via the Hollywood Animation Archive

Miss Prickles from Bobby Bear's Annual, 1949, thanks to moonflygirl

Maginel Wright, thanks to Japonisme

 Romain Simon, illustration from Bravo tortue1950, thanks to micky the pixel 

Margaret Bloy Graham, illustration from The meanest squirrel I ever met, 1962,

 Garth Williams, illustration from Three little animals, 1956, thanks to Sweet Juniper!

Russell and Lillian Hoban, illustration from The Mole Family's Christmas, 1969,

Adelchi Galloniillustration from La caccia alla tigre, 1975

Jean de Brunhoffillustration from Babar and Zephir, 1937

Doris Smith, two illustrations from House by Mouse, thanks to raincloud and bijou kaleidoscope

Jill Barklemillustration from Spring Story - A Birthday Surprise for Wilfred

Agata Dudekillustration from The Crows of Pearblossom

Daria Tessler at Animal Sleep Stories


  1. i LOVE !
    Les maisons dans les champignons et les maisons dans les arbres !

  2. House by Mouse! I remember it so well, thank you for finding those scans.

  3. I cannot decide which one is my favorite, all of them together make the house of my dreams *o*



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