Thursday, January 12, 2012

Country Folks

This time of year always finds me in the mood for some 
good old fashioned folk-inspired art from Russia and Eastern Europe.
I would be very happy to live in the same village as all these lively creatures!

Russian figurine, thanks to Made with Love by Hannah (check out her blog 
fully of lovely hand-crafted, folk-inspired clothing, art and tutorials)

Yuri VasnetsovRussian folk song, via HannaRivka

Russian Folk Tales, author unknown, thanks to normanack 

Vladimir Golozubov, Two Roosters, thanks to Kievljanka

Josef Lada, thanks to 50 Watts 

Solomea Loboda, linocut from Ukrainian folk Rhymes, thanks to polny shkaf

another lovely book from HannaRivka

 L'udovita Fullu, Varila Mysicka Kasicku, 1966 ( a lucky vintage bookstore find)

Rumen Skorchev, Bulgarian Folk Tales, 1979, 

thanks to Book Graphics

Feodor Rojankovsky, The three bears, 1967 

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