Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little women grow up

This large format illustrated version of Andersen's Thumbelina was published in 1978.
It was created by Nicole Claveloux, a French artist that I am planning to feature again soon
on Animalarium. I love this book for its unusual structure, which alternates pages of text
with spreads packed with sequences of small illustrations that can be visually read in  
a variety of ways.

The illustrations are beautiful and funny, and the abundance of details on each spread
is very appealing to children and visually oriented adults like me.

But I love this version also for its feminist ending, in which Thumbelina refuses to marry the King of Flowers
choosing instead a life of freedom and travels in the company of her swallow friend.

Click on the photos to view them at full size!


  1. Nicole Claveloux is great! One of my favorite illustrators ever. I have a lot of her books and comics.
    Dont forget to mention her version to Alice In Wonderland.

  2. I look at the pictures and feel transported to another world straight away , amazing

  3. I like that you can see both the 1970s and the 1870s in the illustrations. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist.



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