Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snowy Safari

Emilie Vast, Neige

For all of you readers and creatures who are walking on snow

WInslow HomerThe Fox Hunt, 1893

 Charles Livingston Bull, Old Crow and His Friends, 1918,
thanks to Aqua-Velvet

Grant Wood, February, 1940

 Józef Wilkon, The Story of the Kind Wolf, 1982, and Marc Simont, The Happy Day, 1949,
 thanks to Curious Pages

Felicitas Kuhn, Christmastime in Pixieland, 1970, thanks to Tania Covo

Aoi Huber Kono, Era inverno

Soviet poster, thanks to bpx

Charles Mikolaycak, Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman, 1967,

Catherine Hyde, Stag and snow 

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  1. disegnare la neve, è un desiderio sempre vivo, ma com'è difficile.



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