Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Digital Nature

Book of Birds

Once again Spring is in the air, and I feel like celebrating with the opulent natural fantasies
 created by Bozka, the artistic pseudonym of Polish illustrator Bozena Rydlewska.

 The Looking Glass

 Book of Insects

The Garden


The illustrations above are part of the New Botany series, which the artist writes was
 "derived from my dreams, color obsessions and fascination with the secret nature of plants. 
Inspired by Max Ernst’s collages and the strange atmosphere of old botany books".
These works are on show until April 1st at the Flying Gallery Foundation in Warsaw. 


The Sea Poems series transports us into a floating universe 
of jewel-like colors and delicate, intricate underwater creatures.

Lobster Poem



Bozka is active as an illustrator and freelance designer for ad agencies,
publishers, magazines, and more, as you can see below.
Don't you love that rainbow colored plate?

Hummingbird notebook for Empik
Little Buddy Bird plate for Kristoff porcelain


  1. fantastic & more magic than usual! love your work it's powerful

  2. I discovered your blog through my friend Natalie. It's wonderful and so inspiring - thank you. Mi Piace Molto!

  3. Wow! How extraordinary! How beautiful!

  4. Delighted to have stumbled across your blog via pinterest! I'm an artist in South Africa with an obsession for the intersection of art and biology, botanicals and anything strange and unusual. Thanks for the inspiration.



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