Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Japan Style

First of all, a very heartfelt thanks to all the readers who have been moved
by our little Emma's illness to comment, write letters and make donations, 
it's incredibly comforting to receive such wonderful expressions 
of warmth and affection! Hopefully I'll manage to somehow 
thank all of you individually in the near future...

Ikko Tanaka

Those who have been following Animalarium for a while are surely
aware of my fondness of Japanese art and design. To make up for
 the deplorable absence of Japanese artworks in recent months,
I have assembled a little hors d'oeuvre of highly stylized and refined 
posters from the crème de la crème of Japanese graphic design.
Bon Appétit! 

Yusaku Kamekura award 1999-2010, thanks to Gurafiku

Ryohei Kojima, thanks to Grain Edit

Hisami Kunitake, from Graphis 1969-70, thanks to Sandi Vincent

Ryohei Kojima

Kenya Hara, 2005

Ukichi Matsomoto, from Graphis 1967-68, 
thanks again to the very stylish Sandi Vincent

Toshihiro Watanabe



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