Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bat Beauty

 I like bats and appreciate having them around our garden, but I am quite afraid
 of them. When I was a child I was told that bats can tangled into your hair,
a thought which filled me with horror. Even now that I know it's not true,
when a bat flies inside our window, I have to duck under a blanket.
But in many of these portraits, bats actually look quite cute!
Biho Takashi, Bat before the Moon, ca. 1910, via the Brooklyn Museum

Edward Gorey

Charles L. Ripper, Bats, 1954, and Maurice Sendak, The Bat-Poet, 1963, 

 Vladimir Fedotov, Whose legs?, 1970, and D. Chaikin, thanks to polny_shkaf

Józef Wilkon, Nietoperz, 1994

Janell Cannon, Stellaluna


  1. Wow, cool, I really like bats, they're so cute and it's really cool to see them fly in the sky!

  2. Some monthes ago, I saw something BIG showing under a painting on a wall. It moves ! I was scared, walk precously to look what was hidden under the painting. It was a little bat (une roussette in french). It flies away after some manipulations...

  3. Hello Laura! I just discovered your blog via Pinterest. I love it! You have a new follower! Everything you've posted has been beautiful. Thank you for including links to places from where the images are art come from. You've got a good eye for good art. These illustrations & prints are beautiful. Keep it up and thanks for sharing! (Bats are loverly little critters, when they are eating mosquitoes.)

  4. I've never had a bat in the house but if it's anything like having a bird than I'd be more worried for its safety than mine. We do get bats in our area but they're cruisy fruit bats not large groups of little bug eaters.

  5. Hi Laura! There is another Wilkoń's story about a bat, if you don't mind -> Tallula. Best, Pani Zorro.

  6. I recommend: "The Bats" by Jim Trainor:

  7. hi!as usual, very cool illustrations here! <3 !

  8. Thanks for all your comments are sorry for the late answer...

    Grace and Patricia, thank you for the compliments and nice to meet you

    Thank you Pani, as you can see from my post I love Tallula too!

    Nie-zia, thanks for the link!



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