Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun with Appliances

Peter Gut is a Swiss typographer, illustrator and caricaturist based in Winterthur. 
He has collaborated for years with the weekly magazine Facts, and today works for Weltwoche,
the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and the business magazine Bilanz. Gut also designs book covers and
 has illustrated the children's book Der Bär auf dem FörsterballI recently discovered his work
thanks to my daughter Michelle, who bought me the postcard above. His surreal and whimsical humour
 and artistic style are in a similar vein to the great Michael Sowawho I haven't posted so far 
only because he's already quite famous, and Roberto PeriniThese pictures are part of the book
Tierisch unter Strom, which explores a series of funny and creative interactions 
between different animals and various appliances and machines.
 You can also find them as postcards via Incognito.


  1. great stuff. no, really!
    i always thoroughly enjoy the absurd, which this is to me.
    and i love humanized animals. or animated humans, for that matter...

  2. Marvelous!!!
    Which one is the Zookeeper's favorite?

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