Thursday, March 28, 2013

Put Your Nose in a Book

Mai Miturich

In case you wonder where I was... having been recently diagnosed with a congenitally deviated nasal septum, 
last week I went to the hospital to undergo surgery. Now I am starting to feel good, but a mandatory rest period
 hasn't allowed me to make my costumary pilgrimage to the Bologna Book Fair. Yes, that sucks!
This quick post is dedicated with love to all the friends, colleagues and artists who were there 
and to all illustrated book lovers, be they children, adults, or beasts

Gerard Douwe, 1960

Two works by Ester Garcia Cortes

Richard Scarry, from The Golden Book of 365 Stories, 1955,

Edward Gorey

I really hope to be there next year!


  1. I found you on Pinterest and I am thrilled! All my life, I have been drawn to animal images. My home is full of animal items, when I draw, animals are what I choose to draw. Animals complete me and are such a natural part of my being. I feel such a connection to your site, thank you!

  2. Rest well :)
    Wish you all the best ...
    Life without Animalarium would be not complete

  3. Great!
    I know little mouse whit book:

  4. We,ve just discovered this blog.
    From now on, we will often visit you.
    We love books, art and nature. We invite you to visit our blog.
    Kinds and teachers from 1st, Escola La Creu

  5. Get well soon :)! And pictures are great and I love animals but I love them more with your drawings :)) I like this blog !! :D

  6. Mant thanks for your comments and kind words...
    I am back in shape and ready to go!

  7. Sorry you missed the fair this year, would've been cool to say hi in person. But glad to hear you're better! And thanks for including me in this post!

  8. Hooray for noses in books! Thanks for always gathering such wonderful animals. I like this theme of animals reading books.



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