Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Rainbow Book

The more work I see by Mai Miturich, the more I am impressed by his humor and childlike joy, 
the sophisticated spontaneity of his brush technique, and his whimsical, creative approach to page layout
Miturich (1925-2008) was one of the major Soviet children's books illustrators of the 1960s and 70s,
 and his numerous books were very popular among Russian children. 

The bright watercolors in this post belong to Poems For Children, a large collection of poems written
 and compiled by the famous children's book author Samuil Marshak. It was published in 1965,
 and won the Silver medal and the International Exhibition of Book Art in Leipzig.
 In 1974, the Soviet Progress Publishers issued an English-language edition with the name
 The Rainbow Book: Verses For Children

I am so happy with this discovery! Too bad Miturich is virtually unknown outside of Russia, 
and it's hard to find any other foreign editions of his books...


  1. Thank you Laura. This work is simply delightful and direct.

  2. Thanks for posting about this artist, I enjoyed looking at his work.

  3. Hi Laura, as the name suggest it is really like a rainbow. so colorful and interesting.
    - Mehul
    Architectural Stone

  4. too bad, that such great work is not published in other countrys...
    maybe one toller blog!

  5. It was my favorite beloved book :) i hate to read but this book i knew from cover to cover... verses are very kind very cunning and same time naive... When i think ab those verses i have only warm warm feelings. Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak was not only writer but also translator. and he translated lot of books from lot of languages... I had book of Fianni Rodari translated by him...

    Thanks for your review it was amazing to read since many many years :)
    even paintings are same :)



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