Thursday, September 26, 2013

Logo Love

Bulgarian Pavilion, Okinawa Expo 75

With one of my classes, I am about to embark on the annual logo and corporate identity project.
If you're not a graphic designer, logo design may seem deceptively simple, but it's actually
a very challenging and time consuming process which requires strong conceptual, 
communicative and graphic skills. Stefan Kanchev was a master in this field, and 
his 1,600 trademarks are great examples of clarity, ingenuity and elegance in design. 
I especially love how he was able to translate traditional symbols and styles 
of Bulgarian art and folklore into simple and graceful modern icons.
Find many more of his works at this wonderful website!

Bulgarian State Archives

Fishery Burgas

National Museum of History

National Opera Sofia

National Park "Central Balkan"

Union of Bulgarian Composers

WInery Dragalevtsi

"Boyana" Film Studios

"Bulgarreklama" Bulgarian advertisement

"Bulgarsko Vezmo" Bulgarian embroidery

"Rodopa" meat production plant

"Style 18"

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  1. thansk for sharing these awesome logos, full of style and elegance! ^^



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