Sunday, September 15, 2013

Powerful Lines

L'azienda del campo, 1924, via Chaudron

For my second post dedicated to the Italian artist Duilio Cambellotti, I wanted to focus on his draughtsman's skill
and the beauty of his expressive line work, as shown in his illustrations, sketches, woodcuts, prints and ceramics.
In the near future I am planning to share some of his beautiful illustrations for the Arabian Nights 
and other striking colorful artworks.

illustration for Canzoncine, 1918

illustrations for La siepe di smeraldo, 1920

illustrations for the school textbook Allegretto e Serenella, 1921

Albero e Aquile, 1929

Il Serpente, 1930

Corvi, 1931

Leggende romane, 1935


Leopard Jug

I scanned these two pages from one of my books, but now I can't locate it ...
will update the info as soon as I find it!

Carezzando il gatto, 1946

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