Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday Safari - A Fall menagerie

It's been a long, hot, dry summer here in Firenze. Since last June we've only had a few drops of rain. The plants are thirsty, and while with them I dream of fresh, heavy rains, I console myself looking at the blue September skies and feeling the first cool breezes of autumn. I am really looking forward to the crisp and muddy autumn days, and here is what I have found as I was looking for friendly companions to accompany me into next season's rich colors and cozy atmosphere.

Sarajo Frieden – Annual meeting of the alarmed bird society

Matte Stephens – Mister Owl and Uncle Rutherford

Greg Clarke – magazine cover, illustration

Lisa DeJohn –Red Beauty

Meg Hunt – Bus, dogs


  1. Oh I do so love your blog! Great selection, I think Sarajo Fieden's work is nice (like the birds and the colours here), but it's Matte Stephens whose stolen my heart - he does it everytime...

  2. You have featured so many of my favorite illustrators here. Wonderful curation, Laura! I, like Deb am a big Matte Stevens fan. Really love Meg Hunt's work too! Those dogs are grand, ha.

  3. Good grief... my apologies to Matte for misspelling his last name. Laura, do you mind correcting that and deleting this second comment? Grazie!



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