Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Photo from a Turkish stockings ad campaign

Strong and delicate, dangerous and alluring,
let the spider woman pull you into her web

Two Spider Woman circus posters
thanks to DoubleM2's remarkable Circus Circus flickr collection

Walter Schnackenberg, Die Rauschtranke, 1949

John Brophy, Princess Minky Momo

Nicoletta CeccoliSpidergirl

Jennifer Conway, act spider artdoll

Jane Dyer, cover of Sophie's Masterpiece

Poster by Elzbieta Chojna

Ray CaesarMadre

Carroll Borland in Mark of the Vampire, 1935
thanks to Monstercrazy

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  1. Lovely post Laura, Sophies masterpiece is one of my favourite books and I really like Jennifer Conway's.



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