Friday, June 18, 2010

Maira's dogs

Self portrait with Pete, 2004-5

I assume that many of Animalarium's readers are familiar with Maira Kalman.
You probably have seen some of her whimsical New Yorker covers and children's books
or maybe you know her for her design work with M&Coor as the wife and collaborator
of the late Tibor Kalmanlegendary graphic designer and founding editor of Colors.
Recently, Maira wrote and illustrated the blog "And the pursuit of Happiness
for the New York Times. The list of her creative pursuits could go on and on...
Illustration from Maira Kalman's book The Principles of Uncertainty

Recently I discovered one more artistic expression of the multi-talented Ms. Kalman,
 this series of portraits of pets and their owners' legs from Ralph Pucci's website. 
I quite enjoy them, and hope you do too!


  1. Love your blog! Very inspiring :)

  2. Wonderful portraits!! I had never seen these before - they are brilliant!



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