Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday Safari - Animal Orchestra

poster by Rolf Knie, 1996

These past couple of weeks have been strangely quiet around here, as you may have noticed. 
I have been in Viareggio working with my friend Pierluigi of airbag design on the layout of an art exhibition catalog, 
and we had so much to do and such a tight deadline that I wasn't able to dedicate my time to anything else. 
Luckily the project was interesting, and I'll be showing some of the artworks exhibited soon. 
But first, let's celebrate my return to Florence and to Animalarium with some happy music!

illustration from Animal Orchestra by Tibor Gergely, 1958,
thanks to flamenconut

Jonas Bergstrand for Gruppe Gut, Bolzano

Michael Robertson, Samba for Rats

Józef Wilkoń, Blues Nosorozca

Franco Matticchio, Thelonyous Kat and the Black Hats

poster by Franciszek Starowieyski, 1960

cover of Tooters, Tweeters, Strings and Beaters by Art Seiden,
1964, thanks to Curious Pages

pattern by Nate Williams

Groovy grubworm, uncredited record cover, 

Karine Bernadou, thanks to Words and Eggs

Check out Pet Sounds for more animal music!

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