Friday, October 22, 2010

Monkey Photo

I've have already had the pleasure of writing about Tara books last year
when I posted the lovely London Jungle Book by Bhajju ShyamTara continues 
to be one of the world's best independent publishers of quality illustrated books, 
and their catalogue is full of interesting original productions for children and adults, 
  Indian re-editions of outstanding foreign books, and even gorgeous art prints.
Monkey Photo is a recent title in their pioneering series of children's books
featuring illustrations by traditional and tribal Indian artists. It was written by Gita Wolf 
(who is also one of Tara's founders) and illustrated by Patua folk artist Swarna Chitrakar 
from Bengal. The story is simple and sweet: Monkey, tired of being photographed by tourists 
all the time, decides it's his turn to take some pictures and grabs a camera...

This is the first time that Patua folk art has been used to illustrate a children's book.
As you can see, the result is a joyous festival of colors, perfect for small children
but also for any adult lover of folk paintings. And in case you DO love folk art,
stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for more offerings!

Also, the story and its happy ending reminded me of this year's recently announced TED Prize Winner 
JR, a French photographer who has been working on a series of wonderful projects around the world...

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  1. This is fantastic, I have a Tara Book about a tiger in a tree, looks like I may soon have one about a monkey photographer. x



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