Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Safari - Sartorialarium

Michael SowaFowl with pearls

L.H.Jungnickel, from Wiener Werkstatte postcard series

Ann Wood, scrap birds
Leontine GreenbergLong neck bird reachs the edge

Alvaro Arteaga, Ready for first class

Natasha Fadeeva, thanks to La vie est belle

 Waldemar SwierzyCyrk poster, 1974

 Bruce McCallCatwalk cover for the  New Yorker

 Ronald Searle, Lottie the Hottie, from Beastly Feasts

 Stanislav Kolibal, 1961, thanks to flamenconut

two illustrations from a 1978 Russian children's book (artist unknown), 

Vyaceslav Legkobit, Fowl with pearls, thanks to Kickcan and Conkers

Donald BrunTuch AG, 1955

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