Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Safari - Arachnophobia

 M. Dobuzinskij, D'javol from Zolotoe runo, 1907

Halloween is drawing near
time to face our wildest fear 

Odilon Redon, Smiling Spider, thanks to Japonisme

Bruno Paul, Plague in South Africa, illustration from Simplicissimus, 1901.
Many thanks to ihatemusic1943 for the info! 

 A. H. Watson, illustration from The Enchanted Blanket, 1936, thanks to ElfGoblin

 Aleksandra Waliszewska, Dom Babci

Film poster by Wojciech Fangor for Les Compagnes de la Nuit, 1956

Book cover by Rein van Looij, 1940s, thanks to 50 Watts

 Walter Martin and Paloma MuñozTraveler at Night

Michael Sowa, Spider on the wall

Book cover by Emanuel Schongut, 1960s

Film poster by Wiktor Gorka, 1964

Film poster by Werner Klemke for The Golden Spider 
from Graphis 1959-60, thanks to Sandi Vincent

Lorenzo Mattotti, illustration from The Raven


  1. Third picture:

    Pest in Südafrika (Plague in
    South Africa), Illustration for
    'Simplicissimus', 1901, Munich,
    vol. 5, no. 47; Bruno Paul,
    tusche work, pencil, opaque
    white, mixed watercolor
    technique, 48.5 x 41 cm


  2. Thanks for the info ihatemusic :.)

    Hi Jill, I am glad you don't suffer from arachnophobia!

  3. A friend writes and illustrates his own stories and what an imagination he has - dark too!
    Crackle the spider is a character in one such story, a huge arachnid that lives among the cables and pylons of the national grid... see his work here:



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