Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Safari - Parrots on Parade

 Chromos perroquet via Agence Eureka

Today's post is in honor of Viola, the beautiful cockatoo
belonging to our good friend and great veterinarian Carlo. While
Carlo is on vacation, she is staying with us for a couple of weeks.
We are thrilled, but I am not quite sure what our cat and dog think about it!

 Eileen Mayo, Red Crowned Parakeet, 1976

Raoul Dufy via Wayne Pate

 Helen Borten, The Jungle, 1968, via Curiobooks

Brian Wildsmith, The Circus, thanks to Tiny Tim

 Gianpaolo Pagni, Tourbillon

 Károly ReichThe How Many Book, 1972, via Sun Tear on kidpix 


  1. Great birds, that cockatoo is so very beautiful, xx

  2. Wonderful choise out of 10.000 parrot prints and illustrations.



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