Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mysterious Wanderings

A Moment of Respite

I am deeply fascinated by the arcane and magical worlds
evoked by the art of Andy Kehoe. I would love to take a walk
through his mystical forests and encounter his fabulous 
and harmless looking spirits, dragons and ghouls.
Who knows what secrets they may carry!

Carrier of Secrets and Mysteries

Meeting of Forest Dragons

Under the Gaze of the Glorious

March of the Exiled

Upside-down World of the Optimistic

On the Banks of Broken World

Ghouls of the Forest Deep

Hope in the Future

 King of the Hermits

 Forever my Fellow

 The Flood brings Curious Encounters

All things turn to Brilliance


  1. I really like your drawings! Fascinated, you are a reference for me! regards

  2. This type of art is not my cup of tea,but I have to say that "On the Banks of the Broken World" is quite striking.

  3. They are stunning beautiful! They really have something facinating in them and I would love to follow them them all... Remindes me a lot of some japanese modern paintings and drawings of wood ghost and spirits... :)



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