Thursday, November 10, 2011

Streamlined Zoo

Henri Creuzevault, The Jungle Book binding, 1925

I am working on a lesson about the graphic design of the 1920s and 30s,
hence the inspiration for this elegant Art Deco menagerie.
For more designs from the era, you may take a tour here and there.

 Edward McKnight Kauffer, poster for the London Underground, 1923, 
thanks to Cabinet Magazine

Rembrandt BugattiNubian Lion, ca.1910 

Jean Carlu, Aquarium de Monaco, 1926, thanks to Pignouf

Japanese sculpture, 1928, thanks to Paris Originals

Art Deco Llama made from Glass and silver, thanks to Lost Found

Dinner menu from the Orient Line Orion, 1937, thanks to Bonito Club

 Japanese New Year's Card, 1932, thanks to Aqua-Velvet

Ceramiche RomettiRondini, 1936

An Angel Fish from Penrose magazine, 1930,



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