Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Safari - Lots of Goats

Nikolai Tyrsa, illustration from Kozlic (Little Goat), 1923

  Yevgeny CharushinThis is how they are

 Felix Hoffmann, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids1957, via Curio Books

John Burningham, thanks to Children's Illustrations

Eileen Mayo, illustration from Animals on the farm

Charles Keeping, illustration from The nanny goat and the fierce dog, 1973
thanks to bookvart

 Lisa CongdonMountain Goat

Louis le BrocquyGarlanded Goat tapestry, 1949-50

Solomea Loboda, linocut from Ukrainian folk Rhymes, thanks to polny shkaf

Suzy SharpeBritish Alpine Goat


  1. Magnifique blog, d'une richesse inouïe. Bravo et encore bravo!

  2. Ich liebe diese ZIEGE!

    Holger Reile

  3. I am new to this site. As an art teacher, I am always looking for inspiration to show my students. WOW!



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