Sunday, August 19, 2012

Light as a Whale

I often feel compelled to create a themed collection after seeing
similar imagery resurface in the work of many disparate artists.
This is such an example; I was a bit surprised to find out that
so many whales fly freely in our collective imagination!


  1. Whales... like otherworldly giants one might meet only in dreams. They probably look at us the same way. It would be hard to choose between the 'whale-works', but now you have me considering knitting a whale.
    Happy Sunday,

  2. What fun! I love all the variety of interpretations. Thank you for sharing them;)

  3. hah! love this. what a great little collection!

  4. Gorgeous whales. So funny and fantastic that they're floating in the air. Their shape makes them seem like they'd be as light as a hot air balloon. What fun! I love the knitted one by Hannah Haworth. All are amazing.



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