Monday, August 13, 2012

Long Live the King

George Giusti, Holiday cover, April 1958, thanks to Inspirational Imagery

Dedicated to Michelle, born 25 years ago under the sign of Leo.

 William Pène du Bois, cover of Fierce John

Piet Marée, Barendje's Wonderlijke Reis, 1938, thanks to Arthur van Kruining

Celestino Piatti, from Graphis Annual 60/61, thanks to Sandi Vincent

Bernard Simpson, 1959

Bill Leeson, 1965, via the London Transport Museum 

Chiyoko NakataniThe Lion and the Bird’s Nest, 1972, thanks to tiny tin

 Antonio Frasconi, See and Say, 1955, thanks to my vintage book collection in blog form

Marcello Minale, Creatures Great and Small, 1965

Takeshi Kitano, thanks to Ana Montiel

Joan Kiddell-Monroe, India Folk Tales, thanks to 50 Watts

click here to see the previous pride of lions on Animalarium


  1. Lions rock! They have been an inspiration for many of my paper puppet creations. I love the lion with the sunflower head and the one by Lesley Barnes is the BEST----I just love the patterns and colors!

  2. Love the lions, especially the ones by John Burmingham and Celestino Piatti.



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