Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Portrait of a Dog

 Joséphine Bowes, Portrait of a dog, 19th century

Naturally, for me Emma was the most wonderful dog in the world,
but every dog has its own special beauty and character.
A post dedicated to all our loving canine friends.

Adolf Dietrich, Balbo lying on the lawn, 1955

Jamie Wyeth, Study of Kleberg1984

Lauren NassefSerious napping

David HughesDexter, thanks to children's illustration

Leia Bell, Frankie and Clementine

Maira KalmanWell Susan

Mark Ulriksen, Ted in Heaven


  1. Hi Laura,

    Kerry of Ed and Reuben sent me your link today, because I lost my dear darling Benno-boy on Monday and have been posting about his last week and days.

    I am sure we will miss our dogs for a long time to come. I am sending you fellow-feeling and good wishes.

  2. I'm so glad I came across your blog! What a fun range of portraits, all are well done. I especially love the Josephine Bowes at top and Hockney, Freud, David Hughes and Kalman dogs!! Pet portraits can be a tough balance btwn resembling actual one and maintaining personal style. I look forward following your blog and facebook page.

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  4. You seem like you would appreciate Camilla Engman's recent tribute to her beloved dog Morran:

  5. Yes, there are so many wonderful dogs. I love this collection of dog portraits. I'm so sorry to hear about Emma. My condolences, Laura.

  6. Thanks for your comments!

    Hi Friko, nice to meet you. I am sorry for your loss, my best wishes to you.

    Hi Allyn, nice to meet you too!

    Anonymous you're right, in fact I love that project but I forgot about it
    when I prepared the post. Thanks for reminding me.

    Thanks Melissa, I appreciate it!

  7. I love these and have never seen a group of dog portraits before. It makes me want to paint all my past and present furry family members. I only wish I had some talent to match the desire. Maybe I can summon it from somewhere.

  8. Great dog portraits! My condolences to Emma too.



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