Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flower Power

Belinda Lyon, linen tea towel For Oxfam, via Yuko Trading

Last week I gave a lecture about one of my favorite design periods,
the colorful era of the late '60s-early '70s, when hippie and psychedelic 
inspiration blossomed everywhere, from children's books and ads to fashion 
and decor. This is a period that I can really relate to, quite obviously since 
I was a child at the time, and that continues to inspire me to this day...

Arnold Varga, 1965 ad, thanks to Burning Settlers Cabin

Villeroy & Boch, Acapulco coffee pot1960s 

John AlcornThe Fireside Book of Children's Songs1966

Heinz Edelmann, 1968 ca. thanks to Escape Into Life

Carlos Marchiori, Sally Go Round the Sun, 1969, thanks to deforgeo

Donald Brun1970 ca. 

Donna Sloan, 1971, and Jean-Paul Barthe, Kourako, 1972, 
both thanks to Angela Wyman and her Jump into my Trippy Hippy Eye Candy Pool

 Wilson wallpapers, 1973, thanks to letslookupandsmile

 Etienne Delessert, Being green1973, thanks to Ariel S. Winter

Brian Wildsmith, The lazy bear, 1973, thanks to Mallory McInnis'
my vintage book collection (in blog form)a wonderful resource of illustrated children's books

 Franca Capalbi, Pantera nera1975 

You can find more groovy pictures from the 1960s here


  1. ' Heinz Edelmann, 1968 ca. thanks to Escape Into Life'
    Looks like a bit of Yellow Submarine, featuring Ringo so yes 1968 and correct attribution.



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