Friday, October 18, 2013

Animali in Viaggio

Pia Valentinis

After missing it when it first opened last March at Zoo in Bologna, 
this Saturday I was finally able to see the Animali in Viaggio exhibition 
when it arrived for a short stay at the Babele bookstore in Firenze. 

Antonio Marinoni

I was interested in this show for a good number of reasons: it's inspired by Franco Matticchio's latest book
 Libretto Postale, it's organized by two ladies I really like, the illustrator and blogger Anna Castagnoli
 and Stefania Camilli, publisher of Vànvere Edizioniit's an innovative idea and it features
 lots of lovely animal pictures by many of my favorite Italian illustrators. 
Last but not least, I love mail art...

Daniela Tieni

Francesco Chiacchio

Anna and Stefania came up with the idea of a mail art game while discussing the aptness
of detaching the postcards included in Franco's beautiful book (Anna gave a very good account
 of the creative process behind the project on her blog Le figure dei libri). The final concept involved
 sending one of seven postcards from the book (dog, elephant, cat, penguins, chick, squirrel, crocodile)
to seven different illustrators, who would create a postcard continuing their animal's story
 and then send it to another illustrator, who would in turn do the same, 
resulting in a series of 62 postcards by Italian and Japanese artists.

Claudia Palmarucci

Mauro Evangelista

Beppe Giacobbe

Marina Marcolin

Simone Rea

Maurizio Quarello

Alessandra Vitelli

Sergio Ruzzier

Tiziana Romanin

Satoko Watanabe

Nanoa Katayama

Maya Miyama

I really enjoyed the show and am glad I finally caught up with it, if you want to see it too
its next stops will be in Udine, Tokyo and Barcelona...


  1. You are one talented lady when it comes to find wonderful pictures

  2. What a magical group of images. Thanks for posting these!

  3. Great idea, bet it was an interesting show. I particularly admire the Marina Marcolin crocodile illustration, beautifully done!



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