Friday, January 21, 2011

Japan Loves Vintage!

Earle Goodenow, Cow Concert, 1951 

Looking around Japanese websites is often a frustrating experience for me.
Most of the times the pictures are impossibly small, and the language
an insurmountable barrier (Goggle translator is not much help in this case).
Still, with patience and a bit of luck there are many unusual treasures
to be found. Soramimibunco is a Japanese store packed with interesting 
vintage children's books from the 1950s to the 1970s. As you can see 
from these covers, most seem to have been discarded by various 
American public libraries. Nice to think that they will fall in some 
loving collector's hands across the ocean rather than in the trash...

 Virginia Kahl, Away went Wolfgang!, 1954

Art Seiden, Counting Rhymes, 1959

 Jim McMullan, The Last Little Cat, 1961

 Judy Varga, Miss Lollipop's Lion, 1963

 Anita Lobel, Puppy Summer, 1966 

 Horst Lemke, Grisella the Donkey, 1967 

Mamoru Funai, The Runaway Giant, 1967 

Janosh, Gatalop The Wonderful Ball, 1971

 AIleen Fisher, Going Places, 1973 

 Albert John Pucci, Tailtwisters, 1973 

Eccles Williams, Magic at Midnight, 1974


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