Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Safari - Goodbye Tiger

1960's wooden Tiger wall plaque, originally from a French Circus, at Fears and Kahn

We are approaching the end of The Year of the Tiger 
and I wanted to salute these majestic, wonderful creatures 
who unfortunately are constantly under threat of extinction.
Long live the Tiger!

André Hellé, Grosses bêtes and petites bêtes, 1912,
thanks to the always wonderful A Journey Round My Skull

  Sergio RuffoloTigre homemade greeting card

 Meg Hunt for the Cloudy Collection

Celestino Piatti, illustration for Der goldene Apfel: Eine Geschichte, 1970
found thanks to a lovely post about tigers on Booktryst

Cathie BleckTiger

 Ian McArthur, Tiger

Jan Młodożeniec, Tygrysek, 1961 

Sebastiano Ranchetti, Little Tiger

Dale Maxey, illustration from The Wild and woolly animal book, 1966,  
thanks to Bonito Club

 Pierre Bevès, Le tigre en bois, 1961, thanks to maptitefabrique

Antonio LigabueTigre con ragno, 1953

 Józef Wilkon, Ksiega Dzungli (the Jungle book)


  1. Lovely, though I very much hope it is not goodbye tiger.

  2. i wonder if you know of the 'caroline' series, a childhood illustrated book (read it in the seventies)? hard to find these days, it seems. caroline may be called a different name, of course, over at yours.
    your tigre set off those memeories ('caroline in india', may have been the title), and nów i'm looking again... ;)

  3. What a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat collection— well done, Laura!

    PS. happy new year of the rabbit!

  4. Dear ladies, thanks for your comments...
    woolf, I am not familiar with caroline, please keep me informed on your finds!
    happy new year of the rabbit to all!

  5. I was born in the year of the Tiger, and this post brings me joy :) .



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