Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prelude and Lullaby

I am finally feeling better, folks! 
Much gratitude to all who commented and wished me well!

From the You Tube notes uploaded by Animatsiya in English:

Norshteyn (Norstein) spent a year and a half making this animation 
for the introduction/conclusion to Good Night, Children (Спокойной ночи, малыши), 
a popular Russian nightly show for young children to watch before they go to bed. 
The first part would air before each daily show, the second part after.

The segment accompanied the show for a while in 2000, and was taken off the air 
in summer of 2001; the show moved to another channel while the copyright for 
the sequence stayed with the old one.

It was 81st on a list of the 150 best animated films ever made voted on 
by 140 animation professionals in Japan in 2003:

However, the reactions of Russian audiences were largely negative; 
program director Valentina Prasolova said: "Norshteyn is a famous artist, 
but he does not make good opening/closing sequences. We get calls and letters every day
 about this sequence from people who tell us that it is terrible, that it is dark, 
that children do not want to watch our program."

Tired toys and books are sleeping
Blankets and pillows wait for children
Even the fairy tale goes to bed
So that we can dream it at night
Close your eyes, rock-a-bye

Rock-a-bye, all people must sleep at night
Rock-a-bye, tomorrow will be another day
We have gotten very tired today
So let us tell everyone "good night"
Close your eyes, rock-a-bye

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  1. I remember when it was aired with this intro/outro and that was beautiful, it was a fairytale (as it is now), and i was not scaring for me (being children that time). And when i heard those bells ringing at the beginning, i'd ran across the flat at the speed of sound to not miss a bit of the intro.
    Thanks for pleasing memories, i've almost forgotten that there was another beginning, not the modern one.
    (and the show become crap by the way, they used to show good old cartoons and now there is only degenerated modern cartoons with no meaning)



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