Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ok Doggies

This popular music video was featured in a number of best of 2010 lists, 
but in case you've missed it before, have some fun with OK Go's White Knuckles.
This band has done awesome one-take choreographed videos before, 
like the famous Here It Goes Again, but this one was particularly tricky: 

"We had 12 trainers, two furniture movers, 12 dogs, one goat, 38 buckets, 
and a bunch of furniture, all of which needed to move around and be 
in the right place at the right time without anyone stepping in front of camera. 
We ended up with stuffed animals, spreadsheets, flow-charts, and recorded 
audio instructions, and for many hours we tried various configurations until 
we finally found one that worked. And then we practiced and practiced."
Read the rest of the production story at Gizmodo.

I love how the guys look, so focused, but pretty frazzled towards the end...
If you buy the video, the net proceeds will go to ASPCA 
to support rural, volunteer-run animal shelters in America.

Thanks for the lead to my oldest daughter Michelle, who is a Dj, 
and also sings with her group Walking the Cow

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