Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Illustrarium, part 2

A few more Lithuanian gems before we move on to other artists, other lands

 Ula Šimulynaitė, who created these four illustrations for Kotons in Paris in 2010,
says "when I’m creating illustrations, I look at the world and try to imagine it as if still being a child.
 And I always hope that the reader will discover and recognize a part of himself in the works I create". 
For sure, as a child I would have adored these, and I still love them... 

Eglė Gelažiūtė-Petrauskienė, two illustrations from Little Silvermouse

The Seagull and the Cat Who Showed It How to Fly by Luis Sepulveda.
Lina Dūdaitė was put on IBBY’s 2010 List of Honour for her illustrations to the book. 

Kęstutis Kasparavičius, two illustrations from The White Elephant

illustration from Florentius the Gardener

cover of There is a Little Old Man in this Hut

Kęstutis Kasparavičius is one of Lithuania's most famous illustrators, with over 50 children's books 
published in 22 languages, and has been the recipient of numerous awards. 
Two of his titles have recently come out in Italy thanks to the small publisher
Comma 22, who has also published the excellent and very cool design books 
for children by Aleksandra Machowiak and Daniel Mizielinski aka Hipopotam Studio.


  1. This blog is a treasure! I just find it and I have already made ​​a follower!
    thanks for collecting these pictures so good!

    a greeting

  2. The little silvermouse is very beautiful.I may have to investigate further.



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