Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lithuanian Spring

I am still sorting through the Bologna photos, materials, discoveries and encounters.
This first post is dedicated to the first thing that caught my eye at the fair: 
the beautiful exhibition of Lithuanian children's books Illustrarium.
At first I was dismayed by the poor quality of my photos, but luckily
I found their great website with plenty of pictures and information!
Congratulations to Lithuania also for the nice design of
the exhibition and promotional materials...

Lina Eitmantyte-Valužiene, three illustrations from Hello, How Are You?

"Lithuania started visiting the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 1989, the year before its independence. 
Then a fledgling democracy, it brought to Bologna a rich and deep creative experience from its years 
of oppression. The limitations of stringent censorship had failed to restrain its illustrators’ imaginations. 
Their creative power in producing illustrations that were pregnant with allusions, 
and their technically exquisite and ingenious images proved to be a potent form of defiance.
The fine illustrators’ work from the years of the Soviet occupation not only made famous the older generation
of artists and illustrators, they also laid a solid foundation for a unique and demanding Lithuanian school of illustration.
It is marked by a diversity of styles and forms of expression, and artists are expected to speak in their own voices, 
to discover and to become discovered for something new and unusual. The middle generation of illustrators, 
who faced the challenge of creating a new Lithuania, showed a special resilience, as they had to forge a creative 
path through the hardships suffered in rebuilding the economy. The youngest illustrators are now committed 
to emulating their teachers. Their creative potential is no longer hindered by obstacles;
they have come to meet the challenge posed by the world that is opening out in front of them, 
and to embrace the abundance of new techniques, mixed media and different cultures."
from the Illustrarium website

Rena Žviliuvienethree illustrations from Kilipštukas the Elf

 Šarūnas Leonavicius, three illustrations from Human Star

Sigutė Chlebinskaitė, two illustrations from What’s Happening in the Yard
Leonardas Gutauskas, two illustrations from The Residents of the Old Tower

stay tuned for more...


  1. I took home a postcard with the first image of the post. :)

  2. Just delightful images from Lithuania. What wonderfully accomplished artist. The details areterrific, and the overall quality too!

  3. Wonderful find, thanks for sharing!

  4. merci pour ce partage de talents. Je découvre tout
    génial !

  5. Greetings from Lithuania! So nice and unexpected to see 2 big posts on our illustration.
    I love this blog!



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