Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Safari - Stag Party

 A. Borovskoi, V taige, 1933

 Mirko Hanak, Bambi, a life in the woods, 1967. Thanks to Drawn

Bernardo Roman PalauSitting Around Her False Kindness

 Rune OlsenVelvet

 little worriesHow glad we were

 Edward Bawden, Design for Wrapping Paper (Deer and Trees), 1960
thanks to BibliOdyssey
 John BiddleDeer Tree
 Yuta OnodaRestoring what is lost

Hao PuiYi, Crown from Prints of Heilongjiang
thanks to 50 Watts, formerly known as A Jorney Round My Skull


  1. Breathtaking images today! Nothing not to love.

  2. Beautiful. Stags are so calm and majestic.

  3. As always, your impeccable taste makes for an incredible collection! Thanks!

  4. beautiful taste, and the one by pablo amargo struck me specially since some time ago I did this little animated gif:
    I know his work and find it really inspiring, is this image from any specific book or publication?
    well, visiting this blog is always a pleasure, great work and thank you!

  5. Thanks for your comments and compliments!
    Joan, Pablo Amargo's illustration comes from a book called Exportaciones Insolitas. You can see the rest here:

  6. what a wonderful book, some of the images are so...delightful?
    thank you very much Laura

  7. Une nouvelle image pour vous



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