Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Illustrators Exhibition

Ying Fan Chen, Taiwan

I have been rather busy with school-related work, and I realize that my Bologna reports
 are coming in quite slowly, but hopefully I will be done by the end of next week!
These are some of the animal-related works that caught my attention at the annual Illustrators' Exhibition.

 Tonka Uzu, Bulgaria

The exhibition is a great place to discover new talents from around the world. 
I was already familiar with the work of Simone Rea, Gabriel Pacheco, Katrin Stangl, Valerio Vidali, 
Bernardo Carvalho, and Agnese Baruzzi, but everyone else was new to me.
This year many of the 76 illustrators selected came from the East, especially from Japan.
This is related to the fact that every year for the past 30 years, the Exhibition tours various Japanese museums
after it closes in Bologna, and has become a very popular event there.

 Ayue Zhang, China

 Nooshin Safakoo, Iran

Seesaw, Japan

Seung-Hee Oh, South Korea

Masanobu Satoh, Japan

Takayuki Kubo, Japan

 Géraldine Alibeu, France

 Kazuaki Yamada, Japan

 Naomi Munakata, Japan

Judith Drews, Germany
 Michio Watanabe, Japan


  1. I really fell in love with that donkey by Tonko Uzu of Bulgaria, too. I thought the show was great this year!

  2. Oh wow, I love so many things about this collection.

  3. Loving the travelling bear by Takayuki Kobu.



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