Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wild in Bern

Claude Kuhn (b. 1948) is a Swiss graphic designer and poster artist who lives in the lovely city of Bern,
 where he is the art director and exhibition designer of the local Museum of Natural History.
He also works freelance, and often expresses his love of animals in the designs he creates for other clients.
 I am personally very fond of Kuhn's clever, humorous concepts and modernist approach. I also love
 his use of bright colors, essential vectorial silhouettes and elegant compositions. Very Swiss!

In the past twenty years, Kuhn has created a series of beautiful and innovative
boxing posters, thanks to which he has received the Swiss Sports Award in 1992.
The one above was created for a boxing day on Easter Monday 1998.

Circus Knie, 1996

Biss + Kuss, Bern Kunsthalle, 1982, Stadt Theater Bern, season 98/99

Political elections, 2000

Series for Tierpark Dählhölzli, animal park near Bern, 1987-88

Inauguration of the new seal pool at Tierpark Dählhölzli, 2005

Series for Bern's Naturhistorisches Museum, 1985-2007

Cormorant and fishNaturhistorisches Museum, 1993

Die HauskatzeNaturhistorisches Museum, 1994

Museumsnacht, Bern, 2003

Kuhn's posters have won many awards in international competitions are featured in the books
Claude Kuhn Natur-Kunde (1999) and Plakate Claude Kuhn – Stephan Bundi (2001), 
published in occasion of two personal exhibitions at the Deutsches Plakat Museum 
(German poster museum) in Essen and the Kornhausforum in Bern.


  1. Laura, these are heavenly,
    The zebra is so funny I love finger print things, but the paper cut elephant is just wonderful. Thankyou.

  2. Ooo Circus Knie isn't cut out is it, it would be lovely to do, I can see a project for the weekend.

  3. Oh my, these are brilliant!! Thank you for another fantastic post, Laura! :~)



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