Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Safari - Life on a tree

Illustration from The Night Life of Trees by Durga Bai, Bhajju Shyam and Ram Singh Urveti

Cover illustration for a Sports Illustrated feature, Bird Watcher's Guide, by Arthur Singer

from fast-times' flickr photostream

Dances and Rhapsodies, Concert Hall Records cover, from letslookupandsmile's wonderful flickr collection

Untitled aluminum panel by Asiru Olatunde, Nigeria, 1966,
from the Artful Animals exhibition at the National Museum of African Art in Washington

Zdzislaw Witwicki, cover illustration for Kto w lesie mieszka by Czeslaw Janczarski, Poland, 1958
thanks to the always amazing A Journey Round my Skull

From the book Poster Artists of Moscow, 1977, thanks to Grain Edit

Peacock Tree print, from Geninne's art blog

Animals in a tree by Joanne Liu, discovered thanks to The art room plant

Banner by Rob Alexander, from The Urban Forest Project

1970s poster for Japan Trust Bank Union, thanks again to Grain Edit!

Animals in tree pillow ilustration by Nate Williams

Árvore Sofia adhesive illustration by Fernando Volken Togni


  1. Wonderful! Love Dances and rhapsodies and Nate williams' work in particular.

  2. The aliminium piece is very exciting.

  3. Such a nice collection, really like all of them! Nice diversity of forms and expressions.

  4. Very cool! My favorite is the Banner by Rob Alexander, from The Urban Forest Project
    The treatement of the peacock tail is excellent.



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