Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Safari – Nurtured by the forest

For the past week, leaves have been falling all around us. 
Under the trees, the ground has turned into a crunchy luscious multicolored carpet. 
 Today we made a big fire of yellow, orange and rust colored leaves.

Bird and Fish by Yalos Alanya, thanks to Hautenature

Sea fishes are nurtured by the forest and Be a Happy Camper, ads by Norito Shinmura

illustrations for La Casa Roja by Violeta Lópiz

illustration made of blossoms, leaves, roots and twigs by Herr Mueller

cover for the Italian edition of Bestioles by Jephan de Villiers

The Swell Season poster by Doublenaut, thanks once again to Grain Edit

Bird Roots by Claire Scully at the quiet revolution

Hójaros by Javier Jaén

Regal Buck and Snake in the Grass by Hanna Stouffer


  1. What a great collection, Laura! Love the different materials and elements. :~)

  2. Thanks for posting YALOS... Love your blog...very inspiring...greetings from Alanya,
    Christiane from YALOS

  3. Japhan's work is wild isn't it? its quite Mummy like and haunting as well as charming, wonderful, Thankyou



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