Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Safari - To all the little red foxes

Cover illustration for 3 tours de Renard by André Paul, 1944

I consider myself lucky to live at the edge between city and country. I can take a walk to downtown, 
but when I am home I can forget about the intense pace of urban life and immerse myself in nature. 
For the past few years, a family of foxes has been living in a wooded area on the hill in front of our house. 
We usually observe them through the lenses of binoculars, but my two encounters with them at close distance 
in the afternoon field where truly special. One evening in the garden last summer I turned to see one 
walking a few meters from me. We both froze and stood looking at each other for sometime, 
then with quick and light steps she continued her way. I love to think of my little neighbours
 and sometimes worry about them. This post is my way of wishing them a safe and generous winter.
 Thanks to all the artists for expressing their foxy spirit so well!

Red by Camilla Engman

Fox fabric sculpture by Jennifer Muskopf at Clive + Sunshine

another illustration from Kto w lesie mieszka by Zdzislaw Witwicki1958,
again thanks to Our Patron Saint of Forgotten Beauty A Journey Round My Skull

Fox in the snow by Jon Klassen at burst of beaden

illustrations from Yaboki by L. Mileeva, thanks to the always lovely Kickcans and Conkers

Sitting fox by Nicky Clacy

Pinzorro by Javier Jaén

Winter illustration from Seasons by John Burningham, thanks to Masha

stuffed fox by Natasha Fadeeva

illustration from Cuento populares rusos by Violeta Lópiz

fox by John Reddinger on flickr


  1. Oh my, you've done it again! Just where an earth do you find all these? I really like them all but Violeta's work has stole my heart tonight.
    We have a family of squirrels. We live on the edge of the woods and I suspect there are foxes too. nice post.

  2. Oh, nice accent for me is Zdzisław Witwicki, because I'm from Poland.
    And the fox made from clothes pegs is interesting!

  3. Thanks for linking to my John Burningham post - I'm so glad I followed the link to find all these lovely foxes. Love the clothespeg fox :)

    I've got another one for you here -

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