Friday, January 29, 2010

Cat, All Too Human

The cat is trying to open the door on the hinges side.
I laugh, then I see I make the same mistake, with people, ideas, and doors too.
Saul Steinberg, 24 august 1994. From Lettere a Aldo Buzzi, Adelphi, 2002. Thanks to oinoi

Saul Steinberg, what can I say? His art gives me such pleasure!

Gjon Mili's cat Blackie looking at his portrait by Saul Steinberg in Mili's studio, 1947.
From Life's photo archives.

Untitled (Pitcher raining on cat), New Yorker cover August 25, 1975 (variant)
Ink, watercolor, graphite, rubber stamp on paper from Adam Baumgold gallery's website

New Yorker cover November 18, 1996. Steinberg created nearly 1,200 drawings for the magazine.

The scans above come from two collections of drawings: Steinberg's Paperback, a German edition
 published in 1964 and Steinberg – The Catalogue, an American edition by Meridian published in 1962.
These are part of the large library assembled by my father in law, Michele Ranchetti, 
himself a very accomplished writer, poet and artist who regrettably passed away two years ago.
Thank you Michele for always pursuing and sharing your love of art and creativity!


  1. Wonderful to meet here the genius Saul Steinberg, a hero of my youth. But I have to mention a second hero: Tomi Ungerer, who has made a outstanding
    book with catdrawings "Cats as cats can" 1997, USA. Surely you know it.

    Greets Falk Keuten, Germany

  2. Wonderful, love love love Steinberg! xxxx

  3. Beautiful artwork everywhere including your etsy site. Happy Birthday from a fellow aquarian

  4. Me encantan los gatos, sobretodo el negro que mira el dibujo de un gato, puede que de él mismo. ^__^

  5. Oh, my Gosh! This is so nice! Great inspiration!!



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